Event Notification

The University of New Mexico requires all in-person events to be reported through this events portal (even during non-pandemic times).  This notification is distributed to campus service departments to notify them of your upcoming activity.  This form will not reserve space for you, so make sure to have your event space reserved/booked prior to submitting.  As a result of submitting this form, you may be contacted by departments to ensure you have properly prepared for things like security, parking, risk management, food safety, and more.  Please make sure you use proper contact information in case these service departments need to contact you in regard to your event.  Below is a list of service department links you may be required to submit.

As of March 20th, 2022 masking and vaccination checks are optional for each departmental venue to enforce.  Outdoor event masking and vaccine checks are optional and up to the event planner.  UNM reserves the right to change its COVID Safe Practices at anytime, and each event is subject to the procedures in practice at the time of the event, not the booking.

(Virtual events, and regular departmental activities and small meetings, do not need to be submitted.)

Campus Service Department Forms:

To Book Space on Campus:
- Outdoor Space, Student Union Building, Johnson Center Complex - (Click Here)
- Events and Conference Bookings - (Click Here)
- Classroom Spaces - (Click Here)
- Continuing Education - (Click Here)
- Athletics Facilities - (Click Here)

Environmental Health Services - (Click Here)

Parking and Transportation Event Support - (Click Here)

Facilities Management Special Activities Support - (Click Here)

Police and Security Notification/Request - (Click Here)

Risk Services - (Click Here)

Minors on Campus requirement for any event with guests under 18 (Click Here)

UNM Event Notification Process Overview:

Step 1: Make contact with the event venue booking office to see if it is open, available, and hosting events.  Have the venue reserve or hold your space.

Step 2: Submit your UNM Event Notification Form if your event will have more than 25 people in attendance and is not a part of normal business functions.  Request will be for special events, ceremonies, retreats, performances, tours, non-UNM Departmental requests, etc).  Please provide detailed information in your request, including mobile phone numbers, for any questions that may arise from UNM Support Departments (Parking, Police, Facilities Management, Risk Services, Environmental Health and Safety, etc.).

Step 3: Make plans to host your event and finalize the arrangements with the venue's booking office.

Step 4: Host a safe event.


Please submit notifications for events with more than 25 people and at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

For questions in regard to the UNM Event Notification Form and events on campus, contact Ryan Lindquist (depar@unm.edu) for assistance with Outdoor Space on Main Campus, Academic/Departmental Buildings, Student Union Building, and Johnson Center/Field.  Contact Amanda Gerard (agerard@unm.edu) for assistance with the Residence Halls, Parking Lots, University Club, and Popejoy Hall.  Contact Lori Peterkin (lpeterkin@unm.edu) for assistance with the Alumni Memorial Chapel, Hodgin Hall, the Rainforest, and University House.  Contact Ed Manzanares (edmanz@unm.edu) for assistance with Athletics complex venues.