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- Outdoor Space, Student Union Building, Johnson Center Complex - (Click Here)
- Events and Conference Bookings - (Click Here)
- Classroom Spaces - (Click Here)
- Continuing Education - (Click Here)
- Athletics Facilities - (Click Here)

Environmental Health Services - (Click Here)

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Minors on Campus requirement for any event with guests under 18 (Click Here)

For questions in regard to the UNM Event Notification Form and events on campus, contact Ryan Lindquist (depar@unm.edu) for assistance with Outdoor Space on Main Campus, Academic/Departmental Buildings, Student Union Building, and Johnson Center/Field.  Contact Amanda Gerard (agerard@unm.edu) for assistance with the Residence Halls, Parking Lots, University Club, and Popejoy Hall.  Contact Ed Manzanares (edmanz@unm.edu) for assistance with Athletics complex venues.