Automatic Exemptions

First time first year freshmen who fall within one or more of the following categories are automatically exempt from the Freshman Residency Requirement.

  • First time, first year freshmen whose residence zip code at time of admission is within a 30 mile radius from UNM’s main campus: See reference zip code map.

  • Students 20 years of age or older by the first day of the academic year.

Other Eligible Exceptions

(Must submit a Freshman Residency Requirement Exception Request for review and decision by UNM)

  • Student living with another family member or guardian within 30 miles of main campus (additional documentation required).
  • Student domestically partnered, married, or have legally dependent children (additional documentation required)
  • Student has a medical or accessibility circumstance and has applied and been approved for exception through UNM’s Accessibility Resource Center.
  • Student can demonstrate that living on campus would present an undue hardship on their ability to attend the University (supporting documentation required).

Need an exception from the Freshmen Residency Requirement? Learn how to submit an exception request.

"Students who live on campus have greater academic success and complete their degrees at a quicker rate than students who live off campus.”

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