Bringing Back the Pack – UNM Event Request

To ensure the health and safety of the UNM community, departments and visitors are required to submit an event request prior to holding any in-person gatherings, events, or ceremonies on UNM’s campus with the exception of the HSC campus. The request will be reviewed, and approved or denied, by event professional staff, safety departments, and administration.

(Virtual events do not need to be submitted for approval.)

Requests must comply with current New Mexico Department of Health executive orders, UNM guidelines regarding mass gatherings defined on this page, and the COVID-Safe Practices and expectations outlined in the Bringing Back the Pack website.

Mass gatherings are NOT currently allowable according to NM DOH Executive orders.

Current executive orders state: “Mass gathering” means any public gathering, private gathering, organized event, ceremony, parade, organized amateur contact sport, or other grouping that brings together more than twenty (20)* individuals in a single room or connected space, confined outdoor space, or open outdoor space. “Mass gathering” does not include individuals who are public officials or public employees in the course and scope of their employment.
*As of 4/30/21

Mass Gathering Limit = 20 Attendees
Vehicle Limit = 120 Vehicles

Event approvers will communicate directly with the event requestor/organizer to gather information, advise, and approve or deny events. 

Departments and visitors should refrain from planning events that exceed the guidelines for mass gatherings. Reservations arranged with location managers for events in 2021 should be considered tentative until current guidelines are revised. UNM administration may maintain heightened restrictions even if state restrictions are relaxed.

Please review the current parameters outlined in the linked websites prior to submitting your request. 

Events held on campus that have not been approved can be disbanded. Any costs incurred by event requestors/organizers for unapproved events will not be reimbursed by UNM.

Event Request Process Overview:

Event submission must include the date, beginning and end times, location, number of attendees, and safety protocols that will be used to meet the guidelines in the links provided above.

Event requests that exceed current guidelines will not be approved. Tentative space reservations may be made with event locations but cannot be confirmed until the event logistics are compliant with state and UNM protocols. 

Step 1: Review current state and UNM guidelines to confirm that your request is compliant.

Step 2: Submit your event request and await approval before making any arrangements or inviting attendees.

Step 3: Your event request will be routed through the approval process including event professionals, space coordinators, deans/directors, and Environmental Health and Safety.

The requestor/organizer will be copied on the approval communications and may be asked to provide additional information if requested.

Step 4: Requestor/organizer will be notified with approval or denial of their request. 

Approved Events: Event organizer may proceed with confirming the event space, making event arrangements, and inviting attendees consistent with the event request.
Event may then take place as outlined in the approved request.
Denied Events:Do not proceed with event planning. Requestor/organizer may revise their event plan and resubmit the event request in compliance with current guidelines or resubmit when event restrictions are revised and would allow for the event to be considered.

You may resubmit your request as guidelines evolve that will allow for your event to take place.
Contact for assistance.